Having a pond or aquarium can improve your health!

The research which has been carried out into the health benefits of fish keeping has shown amazing results.

Here are just some of the benefits: 

Stress Reduction

Several studies have proven that watching fish in aquariums and ponds has a measurable effect in reducing high blood pressure. For people who lead a busy or stressful life this offers great health benefits. For those with cardiovascular conditions, the benefits are even more important. Reducing blood pressure improves the ability to relax, which in turn helps both mind and body.

Sensory Stimulation

Alzheimers Disease is a debilitating illness which can lead the sufferer to become increasingly detached from everyday life. The measured effects of the sensory stimulation provided by an aquarium have been simply astonishing. A significant proportion of patients who were able to watch an aquarium or pond generally ate better and consequently gained weight and required less supplements. In one hospital study a nurse described how a patient who had never spoken to her before told her that she had counted all the fish. In addition, it was observed that their attention span was longer and their communication improved.

Introducing Children to Nature

Studies found evidence that children’s ability to focus increased after a walk in the park, through a wood or forest or other natural surroundings. It seems that adding more nature and wildlife to a child’s environment has positive effects on all kids, not just those with learning and developmental challenges or hyperactivity. A simple and year round solution is an aquarium or pond. Children appear calmer and more focused after spending time next to a pond or aquarium. It seems the apparent random movement of fish and plants distracts the child from their hyperactivity. 

Children will also benefit from becoming involved with keeping  aquariums, developing a sense of responsibility.

So why not start an aquarium or build a pond? We will help explain everything you need for a healthy successful pond/aquarium and relaxed fish keeping experience. We help you choose the right equipment and guide you through the set up, explaining how it all works so you can enjoy keeping your fish.