Water Features Wirral

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If you’re thinking of ways to liven up your garden, consider adding a water feature. Garden water features add to the ambience and it’s not just fountains that make a splash – ponds, containers and water gardens truly make outside areas more special.

We can offer you a huge choice of options here at Jarvis Aquatics & Landscaping, from flowing fountains to babbling brooks and all types of features that create a soothing and relaxed atmosphere. The sound of running water often has a holistic effect on a garden and outdoor water features are charming and help to create a tranquil haven, a place for you to relax and unwind.

Whether it’s a cascading water fountain, stainless steel spheres or stone waterfalls, we can help you create the dream outdoor setting full of fabulous features that really enhance your garden and bring it to life. Offering full design services with bespoke options available and products on hand to complement your existing pond, we can make your garden look amazing all through the year.

Some of the many benefits of backyard water features include:

• Increase air quality inside your garden
• Act as natural humidifiers
• Helps to drown out unwanted noise
• Relieves stress and helps you to relax
• Welcomes wildlife to your garden
• Creates an eye-catching feature
• Makes your garden unique

At Jarvis Aquatics & Landscaping, we are happy to discuss the plans you have for your garden and can draw attention to the features we have available to help you create something beautiful and bespoke outside your home. We supply all parts and accessories and offer maintenance programmes to keep your pond in pristine condition, with expert landscaping services also available to showcase your new water features.

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