Pond Maintenance

Regular pond maintenance is an important part of maintaining a great looking pond and ensuring the best water quality, providing a clean and safe environment for your fish to live in.

As well as maintaining your pond to make sure it stays in the best condition possible, having it cleaned annually is the second vital task required.

Each day, fish waste, dead plant matter, algae and other dirt settle on the bottom of the pond and gradually build up. After time this build up of dirt and waste makes the filters dirty and they need cleaning more often.

Pond cleaning is not needed as frequently as maintenance, but it plays a vital part in the upkeep of your pond. When it’s being cleaned is probably the only time your pond goes back to the basic shell.

In return the fish maintain better health and will look their best, while pond plants will also thrive and grow well in a well maintained pond with good water quality.

We can offer regular maintenance for your pond on a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis, whichever suits your ponds needs.

We will make sure your pond looks wonderful all year round.

Standard Maintenance Checks

• Service the pump and filtration system
• Service the UVC
• Condition water
• Check fish health and medicate if necessary
• Water Change (About 25%)
• Vacuum where necessary
• Service of UVC’s and Bulb Changes
• Plant Care
• Water Quality and Testing

We also check any concerns you have regarding the pond and its wildlife. We want you to enjoy your pond and for it to be a key part of your enjoyment of your garden.


Have a look at the before and afters of the process of our pond maintenance.